As many of you will know, here at Lillypaws we adore natural products. After many, months of searching for natural products for Lilly, I found Herbal Pet Supplies.

This amazing family run business focuses on everything from grooming products to natural dealing and worming solutions. I initially purchased some Silver Cream and pH Tonic as Lilly was having some issues, the pH Tonic resolved Lilly’s urinary issues within 5 days! Since our first venture into the world of Herbal Pet Supplies, it’s safe to say we have become big fans of the entire range! Claire, her family and her fantastic Facebook Admins work flat out pretty much 7 days a week! They spend hours upon hours answering customer queries, as well as bottling and creating their products, before picking and packing the thousands of orders received every day!

Product OverviewHerbal Pet Supplies Silver Cream 30ml

Silver Cream

As for the Silver Cream it has become a favourite in the house for both humans and canines alike! It’s proven to be fantastic on minor wounds but also fantastic for helping my Diabetic mum with her hands, as they split quite badly as she works in a frozen food store. Silver has been used for centuries as a highly effective anti-bacterial solution and it won’t hurt your pet if they lick it! We currently have some 30ml tubs for you to try and at only £4.80 we think it’s a first aid must have!

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Herbal Pet Supplies Eco Cleaner

Eco Cleaners

One of their best selling products are the Eco Cleaners, these Cleaners along with all of Herbal Pet Supplies products are cruelty free, pet friendly and all natural. The Eco Cleaners have seasonal scents which sell out almost instantly when loaded onto the website! We have been lucky enough to get a few to sell but even we are limited on stock!

We have personally used the Eco Cleaner in the drum of our washing machine on a hot wash to ensure the drum was super clean, it literally gleamed and we knew there was no nasties to ruin clothing on the next wash, plus it smelt amazing! Last weekend we cleaned the windows inside and out which left a stunning streak free finish, which we’ve not been able to get with some of the leading window cleaner sprays.

You can also put 20 to 30ml in a bucket of water to mop your flooring, or simply use neat to get out stubborn stains or marks! At only £7.80 per 500ml we love the Eco Cleaner range!

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Herbal Pet Supplies Hand Cleanser 150ml

No Rinse Hand Cleanser

If you’re anything like me you usually have a bottle of alcohol gel stashed in your handbag. Having worked in a veterinary practice my hands have always taken a battering from antibacterial scrubs being used multiple times a day. Which is why I was super excited when Herbal Pet Supplies launched their No Rinse Hand Cleanser, this fantastic bottle of lushness has meant I can clean my hands anywhere without worrying how dry my hands will become! It’s also perfect to take on dog walks should the worst happen and a poo bag breaks! Grim I know but it does happen! We have limited stock of the Fresh Orange scent but hope to get more in stock soon, at only £6 why not treat yourself to a kinder hand cleanser?

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Herbal Health and Home No More Nits Shampoo 500ml

No More Nits

Another popular item among our customers with children has been the No More Nits Shampoo, a fantastic Shampoo using only natural essential oils to help keep those pesky unwanted visitors away. Again we’ve had excellent feedback on this Shampoo with customers reporting back that their children are willingly washing their hair with No More Nits because it smells so nice, one said it smelt like Sherbert Lemon, and we agree! At only £12 for 500ml we think it’s a bargain for keeping your children happy and those unwanted visitors at bay and has to be better for them than chemical solutions!

We have only 1 bottle left in stock – order now!

Herbal Pet Supplies No More Bites 100ml

Parasite Control

Speaking of unwanted guests none of us want to deal with a flea or worm infestation, they’re super annoying, difficult to completely get rid of and are completely preventable! We are using a few products ourselves with excellent results they are:

  • No More Bites 100ml – a few drops on the back of the neck weekly to act as a preventative for fleas and ticks 100ml per dog per year approx. – £13.20
  • No More Bites Shampoo 500ml – can be used along side the No More Bites drops to help keep unwanted visitors away – £12.00
  • Tummy Tincture 100ml – Natural intestinal support, give 1 pipettes full into mouth or food monthly ( for young pups or smaller pets give half a pipettes). Each bottle contains approx. 110 pipettes! -£19.80

Herbal Pet Supplies Bless You Shampoo Summer Berries 500ml

Bless You Shampoo

As a Professional Dog Groomer I’m often asked about the best shampoos for various coat types, I’ve always preferred natural and this is why we love Herbal Pet Supplies Bless You Shampoo, it comes in various scents and is suitable for all coat types, not to mention they smell fantastic! We really believe that the Bless You Shampoo is well worth the money and is better value for money at only £10 for 500ml!

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I think it’s safe to say that we love the Herbal Pet Supplies range and we look forward to stocking many more of their products for Humans and Pets in the future!

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