Many dog owners will have spent hours upon hours looking for a harness that really does fit. Instead of one that ends up sliding around or letting their dog back out of it when they get scared!

The lovely folk over at Dog Games Shop came up with the fantastic design known around the world as the PerfectFit Harness. This fantastic design made up of 3 separate pieces revolutionised harness fitting, and meant that tripaws could get a harness fitted that would be comfortable, safe and supportive!

My first experience of the PerfectFit came back when Lilly was about a year old, we decided we would prefer a harness to walk her. We were recommended PerfectFit via a Labrador group on Facebook. I ordered a 20mm harness as recommended by the fantastic team at Dog Games Shop and upon arrival was pleased to say it really did fit perfectly!

In 2018 after starting Lillypaws, I decided that I would love to stock this fantastic harness and was accepted as a stockist in January 2018. I am currently the only stockist in the Rhondda Valleys and am pleased to be able to offer a fitting service and also attend many local events with my fitting kit.

Now lets look at the harness in more detail, I have used Lilly as my model and she is wearing a 40mm L-M-L Harness with a Purple top piece.

Lilly sitting in perfect fit harness

Front View Sitting of the PerfectFit Harness

Front View Standing of the PerfectFit Harness

One of my favourite features of the PerfectFit Harness is the front D-Ring which allows owners to use a double ended lead for extra control. I find this feature very useful especially with dogs that are nervous, pullers or generally anxious when out and about.

View of the top piece of the PerfectFit Harness.

The top piece of the PerfectFit Harness is where you get some control over customisation, as you can see Lilly is wearing a purple top piece, however there is a range of colours available.

Side view of the PerfectFit Harness.

Now many of you will have noticed a number of clips and this is what makes the PerfectFit harness so customisable! The harnesses are available in 4 sizes: Tiny Range, 15mm Range, 20mm Range and the 40mm Range seen in the photos above. However, within each of these sizes there are individual pieces that have multiple size options, which is why I referred to the harness Lilly is wearing as a 40mm M-L-M, the M-L-M denotes the size of each piece so in this case Lilly wears a 40mm overall size with a Medium Top Piece, Large Front Piece (Y Shaped section) and Medium Girth Piece, this is the typical size for an adult Labrador.

So I guess you may be thinking that this harness will be a nightmare to put on, well it really isn’t once all the pieces are together putting it on is simple! So why is this harness suitable for escapologists? Consider that with many over the head harnesses the hole the head goes through, actually has to be big enough to get over your dogs head and this is where your problems start, if it goes on over the head easily, it’s going to come off over the head easily!

The PerfectFit was designed to be fitted around the base of the neck which is narrower than the dogs head, thus limiting the dogs ability to back out of the harness.

See the image below for how to correctly put the PerfectFit Harness on.

How to fit the PerfectFit Harness

Since becoming a PerfectFit Stockist, we have had the honour of working alongside Hope Rescue to fit some of their rescue dogs with some much needed harnesses. We have also been able to support both owners a dogs to have enjoyable walks without pulling.

I believe that this harness really is one of the best on the market, it has excellent fleece padding and strong webbing. I can also fit any dog from Chihuahua to Great Dane including those who are Houdini in canine form!  The PerfectFit harness really can be a harness for life, as you can simply purchase each individual piece as required and not a whole new harness, meaning if your pup gets a bit bigger around the girth you replace the girth, if they are deeper in the chest replace the front ‘Y’ piece.

A complete harness starts at £33 – £48 (plus P&P where applicable).